Soms herken ik mij hierin

23 juni 2004 Inzichten / Soms herken ik mij hierin

[nadruk in vet door mij toegevoegd]

Coders that care about standards have fixes for the problems they experience with software. It’s relatively easy for a coder to automatically escape ampersands in generated code; at the very least, they know how to Google the fixes. At best, they can scrub all automated output, fix errors, and tune their HTML to a degree most designers would only dream of. And many of these coders look at the designer’s failure to duplicate their success as laziness or worse, without realizing that a designer’s skill set simply does not extend to the world of fixing code output.

[Maar ik moet meer rekening houden hiermee:]

I don’t expect a coder to know the first thing about monitor colour profiles or typography; it’s great if they do, but I don’t expect it. Likewise, a coder should not assume a designer knows how to deal with data, or fix validation errors using code.

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